Our Mission & Purpose

“We will be visible, involved, available and a friend in our community. We will introduce people to Jesus Christ because we want them to Belong, to Believe, and Become what God wants them to become.”


Are there any “barriers” to our spiritual growth & development, and becoming more and more like Christ?

“Are we growing in the fear (reverence) of God (Psalm 25:14), in single mindedness for God (Matthew 5:8), in a child-like awareness of our need for Him (Matthew 11:25-28a), and in a love-motivated obedience to Him?” (John 14:21) (Paraphrased from Behold Your God – John Snyder)

Each one of those areas are key and essential for God revealing Himself, and showing Himself to us so we can grow in our personal relationship with Him.

No amount of Bible reading, Bible study, service, personal knowledge about God will reveal God to us unless we humble ourselves and come to Him as He desires.

– JD